Luigi Nono - Prometeo

Tragedia dell'ascolto

The work at the heart of the Festspiele Zürich 2014 is Luigi Nono‘s Prometeo. Composed in 1985, the piece is a glittering example of the musical avant-garde and in the last three decades has lost nothing of its epochal impact. It remains an uncompromising attempt to convey music as a medium – and to use music to translate mankind’s fundamental themes into sound and voice. It was no coincidence that Nono chose the figure of Prometheus as his reference point, and consequently an image particularly associated with the utopian questions of humanization and human existence.  

SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg  
Ingo Metzmacher Conductor I
Matilda Hofman Conductor II
Schola Heidelberg  
Walter Nußbaum Production
Susanna Andersson Soprano
Silke Evers Soprano
Els Janssens-Vanmuster Contralto
Noa Frenkel Contralto
Markus Francke Tenor
ensemble recherche  
Martin Fahlenbock Flute
Shizuyo Oka Clarinets
Barbara Maurer Viola
Asa Åkerberg Violoncello
Ulrich Schneider Double bass
Andreas Roth Trombone
József Bazsinka Tuba, Euphonium
Christian Dierstein Glasses
Jens Ruland Glasses
Anna Tuena Glasses
Caroline Chaniolleau Speaker
Mathias Jung Speaker
Experimentalstudio des SWR  
André Richard artistic coordination, sound director, spatial acoustics concept

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Eine Initiative und Zusammenarbeit der Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich, des Holland Festival und des Festival d'automne à Paris

Die Zürcher Aufführung wird von Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich, Opernhaus Zürich und Schauspielhaus Zürich gemeinsam getragen

Mit Unterstützung der Artephila Stiftung, der Walter Haefner Stiftung, der Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung und einer weiteren Stiftung


19:30 Uhr
Tonhalle Zürich (Grosser Saal)
Festspiele Zürich
Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich
CHF 50