About the Festspiele Zürich


The Festspiele Zürich is an event supported by Zurich’s cultural institutions. It takes place every two years in June. The festival is organised by the "Zürcher Festspielstiftung", a foundation created in 1996. Zurich Opera House, Schauspielhaus, Tonhalle-Orchester and Kunsthaus, devise the programme with regular participation from the Rietberg Museum, Gessnerallee Zürich and the Neumarkt and Rigiblick theatres. The Festspiele Zürich also aim to be a platform for other establishments and institutions, each of which add to Zurich’s appeal as a city of culture and enrich the festival’s programme in their own way. Animated by a common theme, the festival provides the occasion for a summer meeting of the arts which reflects the diversity of Zurich's cultural life. A lively celebration for Zurich and its visitors, the festival invites audiences to take a fresh look at themes and areas of the city.

Zürcher Festspielstiftung – purpose of the foundation


The Festspiele Zürich are organised by the foundation "Zürcher Festspielstiftung", which was created in 1996. The foundation’s main purpose is to stimulate the cultural life of Zurich city and canton and that of Switzerland. It also seeks to enhance the visibility of the city and canton and the participating cultural institutions nationally and internationally. To that end, the foundation encourages cooperation between the various cultural institutions and provides support, especially through funding, for festival events and the events of third parties that accord with the foundation’s ideals.


Foundation board, artistic committee, organisation

Sponsorship committee

Alain Berset
Michael Hengartner
Moritz Leuenberger
Mario Fehr

Foundation board

Ursula Gut-Winterberger President
Brigitte von der Crone Representative of the Schauspielhaus Zürich AG
Jacqueline Fehr Representative of the Canton of Zürich
Christoph von Graffenried Representative of the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft
Peter Haerle Representative of the City of Zurich, Cultural Affairs
Madeleine Herzog Representative of the Canton of Zurich, Department of Culture
Corine Mauch Representative of the City of Zürich
Markus Neuhaus Chairman of the Board of Directors PwC Schweiz
Markus Notter Representative of the Opernhaus Zürich AG
Monica Vögele President of the Foundation Charles und Agnes Vögele
Martin Vollenwyder Representative of the Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich

artistic committee

Christoph Becker Director Kunsthaus Zürich and Head of artistic committee
Barbara Frey Director Schauspielhaus Zürich
Andreas Homoki Director Opernhaus Zürich
Ilona Schmiel Director Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich

Festival office

Alexander Keil Managing Director
Peter Ochsner Director finance and accounting
Head of Communication and marketing
Martina Müller Assistant to Management

Vision, mission and statement

Our vision

Festspiele Zürich – a kaleidoscope of the arts

Enabling you to enjoy new artistic experiences.

Our mission

The Festspiele Zürich represents a unique platform for a meeting of the arts, organised by the Opera House, Schauspielhaus, Tonhalle Orchestra and Kunsthaus in close collaboration with other cultural institutions in the city and canton of Zurich. Inspired by a common theme, our cross-sectoral programme explores uncharted artistic territory, with the aim of giving local and international audiences a taste for discovery. At this vibrant festival staged for Zurich and its guests, we invite you to come and (re)discover themes and venues in our city.

Our mission statement

Collaborating with cultural institutions

The Festspiele Zürich events are presented by a variety of cultural organisations in the city and canton of Zurich, most notably by the Opera House, Schauspielhaus, Kunsthaus and Tonhalle Orchestra. These institutions also play a leading role in the festival’s overall operations. The artistic partners contributing to the Festspiele Zürich produce performances and projects in line with the theme specifically for the festival – a result of close dialogue from both sides.

Consolidating content with a common focus

As a linking element, the Festspiele Zürich’s Artistic Committee agrees on a common focus.  As a consequence, new dimensions are opened up thanks to the different perspectives held by the contributing institutions. The motif is not intended to be restrictive, but to serve as a stimulus and source of inspiration. In order to give specific spotlight to the theme, we not only coordinate events held by contributing artistic partners, but also commission our own productions.

Encounters with and among the arts

Through cross-sectoral collaboration and projects, themes are experienced in a new form both by those cultural institutions who contribute and by the audiences. With a range of interdisciplinary interpretations of the Festspiele theme, we hope to inspire audiences to explore new branches of the arts and venues.

A festival for the people of Zurich and an international audience

Although the Festspiele Zürich is primarily a festival for the population of the city and canton of Zurich, it is also directed at a national and international audience, to whom Zurich wishes to display its cultural variety. The various spheres of activity embraced by the contributing institutions and the span of the artistic programme ensure that a wide range of different audiences are addressed.

Rediscovering Zürich

The Festspiele Zürich is inextricably linked to the city of Zürich. While most of the events take place within the participating Zürich cultural institutions, the Festspiele Zürich also exploits new locations in the city, thereby raising their exposure, creating interest for a wider audience and opening up new perspectives on the city of Zurich and its cultural life.





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