Festspiele Zürich, 1 - 24 June 2018: "Beauty / Mania"

The theme for 2018, "Beauty/Mania", opens up an exciting field for the various artistic disciplines and institutions that take part in the Festspiele Zürich. We look forward to sensuous, physical events and grand emotions.

For the position of curator, the Artistic Committee and the Festspiele Zurich Foundation Board have elected the Spanish artist and set designer, Belén Montoliú, who comes with a refreshing take on the contemporary.

In the spring of 2017 initial highlights for the Festspiele Zürich 2018 programme will be presented here.


Festspiele Zürich 2016, 3 - 26 June 2016


128 events - exhibitions, theatre, opera, dance, concerts, discussions and much more -, 31 participating institutions, 35 venues and over 83'000 visitors: The Festspiele Zürich 2016 were a great success and reflected the many facets of the Dada movement, as well as the variety of Zurich culture.

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