Auguste Bolte

Counting to music, à la Kurt Schwitters

One thing you should know: Auguste Bolte knew what she wanted. 10 people are going in exactly the same direction. «Something must be going on», deduced Auguste Bolte and decided «We’ve got to go after it!» And so began a chase, unparalleled in its twisted logic and comedy. Theatre of the absurd? – No more absurd than life itself. For nothing less than real life is Auguste Bolte’s school of art, a kind of university at which Ms Bolte wants to study for her doctorate (a doctor of life, so to speak). Follow her on her hunt for the supposed sensations of life. 


Volker Ranisch Play

André Steger Direction

Christoph Baumann Musical concept

Judith Kolb Scenography

Pius Morger Sound scenography

Ring Theater Zürich Production


In coproduction with sogar theater, ThiK Theater im Kornhaus Baden und Theater im Burgbachkeller, Zug


Part of the sogar theater series TüDADAdo-2016


20:30 Uhr
sogar theater
sogar theater
CHF 42 / 38 ermässigt /
23 für Theaterschaffende