Dada Berlin

Is art now at an end, and if so, since when? Can Rainald Grebe make a television show if he has no TV? What is Dada Berlin – and what does it want? An evening of theatre, a television show, a bizarre bourgeois salon just for good friends? Or an uprising against that? At any rate, a wild collage of Dada, Monty Python and LandLust, a wild evening of narrow-minded conservatives, neo-conservatives and old avant-gardists, then and now. Literature, music, dance, fine art and apple juice are set daringly alongside one another, and all together. A complete art work of anti-art.


Rainald Grebe Direction

Janna Skroblin Stage design

Kassandra Beab, Janna Skroblin Costume

Jens-Karsten Stoll Music

Mareike Trillhaas Video

Jens Gross Dramaturgy


With Cristin König, Wilhelm Eilers, Rainald Grebe, Holger Stockhaus, Jens-Karsten Stoll, Valeri Scherstjanoi, die Golden Neumarkt Girls


A production of the Maxim Gorki Theaters, reissued for the Theater Neumarkt


20:00 Uhr
Theater Neumarkt
Theater Neumarkt
CHF 45 /
35 Zürcher Theaterverein /
20 ermässigt