Dada-Soirée III

Poetry and Revolt. Dada's dynamism – then and now: Zurich – Berlin – Paris

The fuse of the Dadaist Revolt was laid in Zürich. But the bomb of the poetic resistance to the ‘common sense’ approach, which made light of the butchery of the war, exploded in the capital cities of the twentieth century: Berlin und Paris. The dialectics of terror and poetry set light to the patchwork of political persuasions in Berlin and the frenzy of Surrealists in Paris, while the Swiss Dadaists simply fled to the «sheep-like folk» on Monte Verità (the Hill of Truth in the Tessin, where alternative artists had set up a colony). So Dada slept the sleep of the just in Zurich – until the city was awakened from its slumber by the youth movement and Marthaler’s theatre.

Daniel Binswanger, Durs Grünbein and Stefan Zweifel explore the Dionysian dialectics of poetry and protest, terror und avant-garde, anti-art and amoral, from history to the heart of the present day.


Daniel Binswanger Journalist

Durs Grünbein Writer

Stefan Zweifel Literary critic


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