Dada-Soirées I - III

«Dada was a storm which broke out over the art world, just as the War broke out over our people» (Hans Richter)

Dada was a Big Bang, a breakaway born of the modern era. Although by no means the first demonstration against art and society at the beginning of the twentieth century, the movement was unusual in its high-flying trajectory from Zurich to Berlin and then Paris (the main stopping points) which lasted only six years. It was also unusually provocative and passionate in attacking every form of order – social, cultural, even the laws of logic – and reckless in its imagination and delight in laughing at everything, including itself. Discussion, readings, films and music in the course of these three evenings will show what repercussions a brief moment in the cultural history of the twentieth century has on literature, art, and the relationship between revolt and poetry. 

Tuesday 7. June: Dada-Soirée I with Peter von Matt and Robert Hunger-Bühler 

Tuesday 14. June: Dada-Soirée II with Tobia Bezzola, Albert Oehlen and Christian Harmann

Tuesday 21. June: Dada-Soirée III with Daniel Binswanger, Durs Grünbein and Stefan Zweifel


For Tickets to all three evenings (CHF 60 / 50 reduced price) please contact the Ticket-Office of the Tonhalle Zurich:

Festspiele Zürich Ticket-Office c/o Tonhalle Zürich
Gotthardstrasse 5, 8002 Zürich
Telefon + 41 (0) 44 206 34 34

Tickets for individual evenings can also be booked online (CHF 25 / 20 reduced price).


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Zunfthaus zur Waag
Festspiele Zürich
Bei Buchung aller drei Veranstaltungen
CHF 60 / 50 ermässigt (Am Ticket-Office der Tonhalle Zürich)