Dada up close

Dadaist encounters. Coincidence is decisive, surprise is paramount

Dadaist activities originated in the intimate ambience of cabarets and cafés, rather than in large, formal concert halls and opera houses. They arose from spontaneous meetings of artists who surrendered to the moment and (the coincidence of) a magical process of artistic creation. They scorned the pathos of the grand “work of art” and the artistic genius behind it. Their playful spirit dominated the subversive and provocative Dada initiatives; and this is what «Dada up close» captures. 

In the intimacy of homes in Zurich ten culturally interested and art loving hosts invite you to Dada-Events in which the spirit of the Dada-Movement will be conjured through musical performance and literary experiments to readings, expert discussions and biographical approaches. 

The Guests are also part of the game. You engage coincidence and give yourself curiously to the surprise. Who your personal host for the evening will be, is decided by coincidence. On Friday 10th June at 3pm you will recieve the address of your host. These encounters will excite discussions which can evolve during a small apero at the end. 


Claudia von Grote Dramaturgy


Encounters with Dada in ten homes in Zurich

Book before the 8. June – Limited spaces

Tickets available at the ticket office of the Tonhalle or online

Announcement of your personal host on Friday June 10 at 3 pm, by Text, E-Mail or Telephone




20:00 Uhr
(Zehn Zürcher Privatwohnungen)
Festspiele Zürich
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CHF 30