der die mann

texts by Konrad Bayer

During his time as an actor at the Volksbühne, Herbert Fritsch developed solo theatre evenings on Konrad Bayer, a representative of the Vienna Group set up in the 1950s by a circle of experimental literary figures. Fritsch loves Bayer, his humour and baroque ornamentation; and Bayer’s texts seem to need an actor who loves them, such as Herbert Fritsch. Herbert Fritsch focuses on Bayer’s prose, but also examines lyrical and dramatic texts in a theatrical setting. For him, the musicality of the text is very important: «Text ist Musik ist Rhythmus», as Fritsch likes to say, and Konrad Bayer’s texts are certainly permeated with this aspect.


Herbert Fritsch Direction / Stage

Victoria Behr Costume

Torsten König Lighting

Ingo Günther Composer

Sabrina Zwach Dramaturgy



Florian Anderer, Jan Bluthardt, Werner Eng, Annika Meier, Ruth Rosenfeld, Axel Wandtke, Hubert Wild

Ingo Günther, Michael Rowalska, Taiko Saito, Fabrizio Tentoni (dasderdiemannorchester)


A guest performance by the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin

Invited to this year's Berliner Theatertreffen as one of the ten most remarkable productions of the past season


19:00 Uhr
Schauspielhaus Pfauen
Schauspielhaus Zürich
CHF 108 / 89 / 68 / 46 / 20
Ermässigt: CHF 74 / 57 / 40 / 23 / 10