Roue, à rebours

An absurd chamber opera by Daniel Mouthon und Dieter Ulrich

Composed by Daniel Mouthon (music) und Dieter Ulrich (libretto), and first performed by 15 singers, actors, dancers and musicians, this absurd opera for the year of Dada portrays a creative moment the inspiration for Marcel Duchamp’s work of art, Das grosse Glas 1912.

The holiday that Duchamp, Picabia and Apollinaire spent together in the Jura in October 1912 is now history. It seemed to have a catalytic effect on the trio, who travelled on to Paris on 26 October, full of new ideas. 


Dieter Ulrich Libretto

Daniel Mouthon Composer

Stefan Nolte Direction

Theres Indermaur Scenography

Matias Ameriso Lighting

Barbara Rölli Assistance

Franziska Grob Producer


Dorothea Schürch Alt

Chasper-Curò Mani Baritone

Niki Good, Renate Hug Dance

Christian Dieterle Acting

Jonas Rüegg Acting

Flo Stoffner E-Guitar/Acting


Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich

Hans-Peter Frehner Flute

Manfred Spitaler Clarinet

Gabriela Friedli Piano

Viktor Müller E-Piano

Lorenz Haas Percussion

Dieter Ulrich Drums

Claudia Troxler Violin

Christian Weber Contrabass


Supported by Stadt Zürich, Kanton Zürich, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Dr. Adolf Streuli-Stiftung, Festspiele Zürich


20:00 Uhr