The Rue de Lourcine affair

by Eugène Labiche


The wealthy pensioner Lenglumé spends an evening at an old boys’ reunion. He wakes the following morning still under the influence of alcohol, having completely forgotten events of the night before. And snoring in bed beside him is a man who he recognises as his school friend Mistingue. Meanwhile, Lenglumé‘s wife Norine reads a newspaper report of the murder of a coal delivery girl committed the previous night. A series of clues – a lady’s shoe, blond curls, and lumps of coal – mean the two men soon realise in horror that they must have committed a grisly murder while inebriated. Desperate to maintain a semblance of innocence, they attempt to wash clean their coal-black hands and to eliminate the witnesses, Potard and Justin. The play is all about keeping up a bourgeois façade at all costs; in this society, a penniless, murdered girl counts for nothing. However, lapses of memory, a state of intoxication and media reporting conceal a few unsuspected pitfalls.


Barbara Frey Direction

Bettina Meyer Stage design

Esther Geremus Costume

Friedrich Rom Light

Tommy Hojsa Music

Amely Joana Haag Dramaturgy



Maria Happel, Michael Maertens, Peter Matić, Markus Meyer, Nicholas Ofczarek


A guest performance by the Burgtheater Wien


Translation and advanced rewrite by Elfriede Jelinek


19:00 Uhr
Schauspielhaus, Schiffbau
Schauspielhaus Zürich
CHF 70 / 50
Ermässigt: 50 / 30