War and Peace

A Live Video Performance from Gob Squad based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy

There was once a war that went on so long that everyone thought it was peace... It was a decentralised war, organised as a network of conurbations and conflict zones; and although it was always one and the same war, it kept changing its name and site, so that nobody would become suspicious.

War and Peace is the latest Live Video Performance from Gob Squad where all are potential players  a collective reading experience of an historical novel in which the distinction between art and everyday, past and present, and reality and fiction becomes blurred.


Gob Squad Concept and direction

With Niels Bormann, Katja Bürkle, Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Damian Rebgetz, Tatiana Saphir, Sharon Smith, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Laura Tonke, Bastian Trost and Simon Will

Jeff McGrory Sounddesign

Miles Chalcraft Videodesign

Romy Kiessling Stage design

Ingken Benesch Costume

Christina Runge Dramaturgy and production

Chris Umney Technical direction

Mat Hand Artistic assistance

Katharina Joy Book, Lisa Käppler Assistance to the director

Eva Hartmann Gob Squad Management


War and Peace is a production by Gob Squad and the Münchner Kammerspielen. coproduced by the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin, the Schauspiel Leipzig, the Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival Lublin, Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University, Malthouse Theatre and Melbourne Festival, the Gessnerallee Zürich, the Nottingham Playhouse and Teatro Stabile di Torino – National Theatre.


18:00 Uhr
Gessnerallee Zürich
CHF 16