Festspiele Zürich 2015: June 12 - July 12

The Festspiele Zürich are looking back to a successful season 2014. From the 13th of June to the 13th of July, they were dedicated to the theme of "Prometheus - Unleashing Powers" and invited audiences to rediscover the myth of the figure who brought both fire and culture to mankind. The line-up included musical theatre, opera, plays, concerts, exhibitions, debates and much more. With over 170 events taking place in 28 venues in the city of Zurich, the Festival reached a public of over 95'000.

A retrospective of the Festspiele Zürich 2014 can be found here (press release in German).

The next edition of the Festspiele Zürich will take place from the 12th of June to the 12th of July 2015 and will be dedicated to the theme "MoneyPowerLove". Shakespeare and the epoch of Renaissance in England and Italy will be at the centerpiece of the festival.

The complete Festival Programme will be available here in March 2015.

We are looking forward to welcoming you again in 2015!

Festspiele Zürich

Newsletter / printed programme


12/11/2014: Festspiele Zürich 2015

Anna Viebrock erhält 2015 den Zürcher Festspielpreis im Rahmen der Festspiele Zürich, die sich vom 12. Juni bis 12. Juli 2015 dem Thema "GeldMachtLiebe – Shakespeare und andere Gewalten“ widmen. Medienmitteilung.

07/14/2014: Rückblick auf die Festspiele Zürich 2014

Medienmitteilung: Zürich entfesselt Prometheus


03/10/2014: Programm 2014

PDF der Programmbroschüre 2014 zum Downloaden